Sunday, 3 July 2011


Serpentine of The Dark Mod made this tremendously pertinent comment about amateurism over at the Radiator blog:

"if everything was perfect there'd be no contrast and no rough to find the diamonds in.

So, amateurs? Hell yes. We enjoy making things because we enjoy the process or end result, not some kind of popularity-seeking fetish. What's better than being surprised by something slightly different? I don't know a better feeling from gaming..."

Obviously I'm quoting him out of context (please just go read the Radiator blog as well, it's excellent), however I resonated highly with this comment - if you'll forgive the somewhat indulgent phrase - particularly as I've also enjoyed his work for The Dark Mod and fan-missions for Thief. The process of composition and production is more compelling to me than putting out product for mass consumption. Might explain why I detest Ke$ha, too!

No I don't even listen to her ironically!


More Radiator loveage, but particularly because Robert discusses gaming obsessions with ruined architecture (not to mention pertinent level design issues), as well as posting this superb article discussing our obsession with ruins.

And I must admit, it's part of the more compelling aspects of Metro 2033s and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s level design...

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