Friday, 29 March 2013

Ceephax Acid Crew

Andy Jenkinson is Ceephax Acid Crew, a one-man Acid techno machine. His music is brilliant. His earlier material is closer to "classic" acid music, but since 2009s "Ceeland" has become a lot more melodic. Ceephax music is a refreshing antidote to the incessant copious obsession with minimalism prevalent today. It is a melodic, occasionally psychedelic, melting pot of acid, techno, house, breaks and electro and it never fails to be engaging.

Here are some interviews with Andy:
Bleep 2010
The Digital Fix - January 2010
Gogbot - 2011 in Dutch
Smart Shanghai - May 2012

There are far too many great Ceephax tunes to post here, so here's a couple:

Mediterranean Acid


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